Spiritual Counseling & Guidance

Spiritual Counseling is provided to assist you on your Spiritual Path, to help you find Spiritual perspective and deeper meaning in your life, to help you feel connected to the deep wisdom and guidance that lies within you! As a spiritual guide, I will guide you home to your own inner knowing, to the light of your own Soul. At this time on the Earth it is of utmost importance that every being develops a direct connection to their own Higher Self and the Divine, thus empowering each person in their own Divinity and connecting to the Wise One that dwells within you.


As an ordained minister and priestess, I will sit with you in full presence, centered in my heart, to see deep into your Soul. From this place of Soul Resonance I will guide you back to the experience of your deepest Soul Essence, help you find your own direct connection with the Divine, God-Goddess All-That-Is, and guide you on your Spiritual Path. From a clear heart space, centered in Love, I will tap into the wisdom of the earth and the natural cycles as well as the ancient mystery traditions of the Ages to assist you on your journey. Through this process of Soul-Remembering you will feel loved for Who you Really Are, connected to the Earth & the One Universal Heart and Spirit that unites us ALL.

 Sovereignty Goddess of the Grail by Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall

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