Spiritual Therapy Astrology Counseling and Guidance

Hour session will be interactive conversation, using astrology transits to help you better understand your life journey’s current and upcoming issues to be examined. Career, relationship, moving your home, spiritual, and soul issues will be examined deeply and from the big picture. If you are at a crossroads in your life, you will find this session very helpful in understanding the positive transformation you can now achieve.

90 minute session will give in-depth understanding of your natal chart, as well as an in depth transit reading. The examination and analysis of your natal chart will assist you in having a deeper understanding of your potential, of your purpose, of the themes and patterns in your life, of relationship tendencies, of career orientation, of karmic challenges, and of family dynamics. If you are making important changes at a crossroads time of life now, this session will be invaluable to you. Astrocartography information (looking at places on Earth to live if you might be moving) can be included in this session.

1 Hour session- transits

90 minute complete natal reading and transits