Consultations for Counselors and Therapists

Psycho-spiritual astrology is a wonderful way to understand one’s clients. The astrology chart shows the patterns and energies a person is born to express, the psychological dynamics, the many facets of a person’s personality, their soul challenges, their familial influences, potential psychological “abnormalities”, relationship tendencies, career orientations, etc. It also can show the onset and duration of crises, potential for healing and transformation beyond old and unhealthy patterns of behavior and belief systems. If you are a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or counselor, the astrological maps can be invaluable in “knowing” a client and their tendencies and potentials.

You will be able to go deep into their psyche and soul much more effectively and quickly tan you are accustomed to. If you have a Jungian orientation you will be pleased to know that the shadow and anima/animus parts of a person can be analyzed with the tool of astrology. If you are a body worker, social worker, minister, or acupuncturist you may also benefit greatly from these consultations.

It would be advised that you have a session for yourself first and then you will see if this kind of assistance resonates with you. Hourly rate can be on sliding scale for ongoing work.