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Woman painting by Susan Seddon Boulet

Her approach to healing is deeply spiritual, believing in the innate wholeness, beauty and wisdom that lives within each persons’ Soul waiting to be awakened. Throughout the healing journey Deborah serves as a loving guide and ally for others. She is deeply empathic, intuitive and compassionate as she helps her clients heal from deep emotional traumas, personal, ancestral, past-life and karmic wounds; empowering them to re-claim all parts of Who they Really Are. Deborah El'elia is devoted to helping her clients heal their inner child, past-life & relationship issues, and to find deep peace, unconditional self-love, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance, the foundation for all other love.

Deborah's strong, yet gentle and loving spiritual presence is a guiding light, bringing others renewed hope and inspiration as well as a deeper connection to their spiritual path, to their Divine Presence, to

Universal Source and to their greater life purpose. She is a clear channel for the healing energies of Spirit and the Divine Feminine to move through her to assist the healing and transformation process of each person she serves.

Deborah is dedicated to holding a deeply sacred & loving space for others during these times of profound change on Planet Earth. It is her heartfelt prayer and devotion that ALL beings are free of suffering, feel unconditionally loved for WHO they really are and feel connected in unity to the One Heart of All-That-Is. Her soul's mission is to help heal, awaken, inspire and empower others, and to help anchor the Love and Light of the Divine Feminine on Earth, to help bring this into sacred union with the Divine Masculine so that Peace, Love and Harmony can return to Earth.

Deborah has been a spiritual psychotherapist, counselor, healer and planetary priestess, a sacred guide and mid-wife for the Soul for over 30 years. During this time she has worked in various counseling and healing centers and has been in private practice since 1986 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Fe, New Mexico and now in South Portland, Maine where she co-directs the Spiritual Renaissance Center with her husband Leo. She is also a Divine Healing Channel and Emissary for the Divine Feminine, a Way-Shower for the New Earth Consciousness and for the awakening of Love, Peace and Unity on Planet Earth.


Deborah's Personal, Professional and Spiritual Journey....


Deborah in Santa Fe, New Mexico

graduate school she spent 8 years working closely with abused children, adolescents and adults which gave her deeper compassion for the suffering and healing of the human soul. At this time she became licensed as a professional Counselor/Psychotherapist and ordained as a Universal Life minister.

In 1995, Deborah and her husband Leo, were guided by Spirit to leave the San Fransisco Bay Area, and move to Santa Fe, New Mexico where they birthed the Spiritual Renaissance Publication, which they published for over 14 years, that is now in it's new form as an e-newsletter. It was here in Santa Fe that Deborah's counseling and healing work and  inspirational writing expanded greatly and where she began offering community ceremonies in her Medicine Wheel, and facilitating weekly women's spirituality groups. She also began integrating Flower Essences into her counseling and healing practice, and creating her own Gem Essences at powerful astrological passages. She also participated in sweat lodge and other native american ceremonies while living in New Mexico. In the late 90's, while still in Santa Fe, Deborah devoted 3 years of study to the Goddess Mystery Tradition with the Fellowship of Isis, where she received her first Priestess ordination through the lineage of Isis. This experience gave her a solid spiritual foundation for her sacred ceremonies and groups. Before leaving New Mexico she also apprenticed in the Wise Woman Herbal Tradition which deepened her connection to plants and herbs, that have been a foundation of her own self-care and healing work. She currently tends the herbs and flowers in her medicine wheel herbal garden.

After 8 years in Santa Fe, in December, 2003, Spirit guided Leo and Deborah to Portland, Maine where they soon founded the Spiritual Renaissance Center in South Portland. It is here that Deborah's work expanded greatly and where she founded the Temple of the Heart, a sacred, loving and consecrated temple space where she offers crystal, sound energy healing, past-life regression, spiritual meditations and ceremonies as well as spiritual counseling, psychotherapy and healing work.


Deborah El'elia  has been on a deep spiritual and healing path since childhood where she felt  connected to the natural cycles of the Earth and Universe, to the Divine Feminine, and to the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life as well as to the suffering of the human soul. Always seeking the deeper meaning of life, and longing to be one with God/Goddess, Deborah has had a sense of a mission since childhood. She always knew she was sent here for a reason: to heal her Soul, to learn to Love herself and others, to assist in the healing of humanity and to help in the transition into a Golden Age on Earth.

Deborah has always felt deep empathy for the suffering of of others and Mother Earth, and at age 13 knew that she wanted to enter the healing profession. At 17, she began study of psychology and social work, holistic healing, metaphysics, astrology, crystal healing, along with the teachings of many ancient mystery traditions.

In 1982, she moved to California from Michigan where she grew up, and entered the Graduate School of Consciousness Studies at John F. Kennedy University. Here she studied Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and Art and Consciousness for 4 years. At this time she also delved deeper into her own spiritual healing journey through art, sacred ceremony, meditation, archetypes, dreamwork, astrology, tarot and shamanism as well as Jungian, Existential/Humanistic and Transpersonal psychology. This experience transformed her life and awakened her even more to her greater purpose. After





Since living in Maine, Deborah has received the 3 levels of Reiki attunements as well as training in crystal healing, and shamanic sound healing. In 2006, she began training with Ariel Spilsbury, co-author of the Mayan Oracle and author of the 13 Moon Oracle, where she received initiation through the 13 Moon Mystery School. At a retreat in California with Ariel, she had one of the most profound spiritual experiences of her life that has changed her forever. It is here that she began to connect with her Divine Presence, and the deeper mysteries of the Sacred Feminine. This experience and her following 13 month training with Ariel prepared her for her work as a planetary priestess.

In 2008, Deborah continued her spiritual training with the Gaiadon Heart, a continuation of the Melchezidec Method, where she was intitiated with Anne Hermans here in Maine, and in Mt. Shasta, California, with Indian Spiritual Teacher Saranya Zaveri, who is the channel for the Gaiadon Heart teachings. Here she received many light activations with sacred geometry which opened her heart and spirit to new realms of consciousness.

In 2009, Deborah began one of the most profound spiritual trainings of her life, with the Divine University, based in Byron Bay, Australia, with spiritual teachers Qala Sri'Ama Phoenix and Illumina Christos. Here she was a student in the Self-Mastery School of Tantra, where she went through a year long training healing her femimine and masculine aspects, and receiving certification as a Tantric Heart Practitioner. This was a profound personal and spiritual healing journey where her connection deepened with her Divine Presence, many ascended masters and spiritual guides. It is here that she has found her soul family and spiritual home and where she was given the spiritual name of El'elia Jahmika Christos. With the Divine University, she has continued her training as a Divine Mother Emissary with spiritual teacher Amaya Ma Kumara, and is currently a student of In'esa Mabu Ishtar in an advanced chanelling course. Deborah El'elia is soon to be a mentor in the next Mystery School of Loving Presence to begin in late 2013.

In 2009, Deborah El'elia also received the beautiful shamanic Munay-Ki Rites from Deborah Rainbow-Heart (Halloway) which opened her heart and spirit even more to the ancient wisdom teachings of the Qero shamans of Peru.

In 2011, she received Sound Healing training from Tom Kenyon, world-renowned Sound Healer in Seattle, WA, and apprenticed in a Shamanic Sound
Healing with JaguarWoman, Sandra Chaussee
here in Maine. Deborah also participated in sound

Deborah playing drums
Temple of the Heart
South Portland, Maine

healing workshops with Peruvian Shaman and Sound-Light Healer: Pierre Garreaud. She now integrates sacred sound into her healing practice and ceremonies through the use of tibetan and crystal singing bowls, drums, rattles, chant and the Language of Light.
Deborah with friends in Sedona
Return of the Ancestors Gathering
Sedona, Arizona
Over the past few years Deborah has been deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in: The Return of the Ancestors gathering in Sedona, AZ with indigenous spiritual elders from all over the world, in sacred global ceremonies with the Divine University working with the grids and ley lines of the Earth in the Southwest US, and in Glastonbury, England to help awaken the sacred crystalline heart of Avalon. She is deeply connected to the ancient mysteries and land of Avalon and to her ancestral soul home in Glastonbury. At home here in Maine, Deborah offers ceremonies and meditations at sacred seasonal and lunar passages and auspicous portals. Through these ceremonies Deborah El'elia continues her sacred work as Keeper of Earth Records & Ancient Ones.




Glastonbury, England
Ceremony near Glastonbury, England

Deborah's devotion to her soul’s healing, growth and evolution has taken her through many personal and spiritual initiations that allow her to be a compassionate and loving guide for others. She is deeply grateful for all life's lessons, blessings and challenges, and to all the beings and life experiences who have been teachers along the way. Her heart has always been her guiding Light, and Love has always been her deepest devotion, for she truly embraces that Love is the greatest healing elixir in the Universe and that which holds everything together in Oneness and Unity.

Deborah El'elia continues to be deeply devoted to her healing journey, to her spiritual practices & ceremonies, and to her connection with God/Goddess All-That-Is, as this is the foundation of her entire life. She has humbly come to realize that as we make this transition into the Golden Age and New Earth, that it is time to release all striving and suffering, and to learn to simply Be Present in our Divine Presence in each moment, to live from our Sacred Heart in a place of deep love and compassion for All, and to BE and emanate LOVE! This is her deepest devotion and dedication.


Most recently Deborah has been blessed to receive activations with the Twin Shamans from Peru, as well as with Catherine Ann Clement, co-author of Anna: The Voice of the Magdalenes. She is deeply passionate about her work as a Magdalene. The “Magdalenes” are a larger group consciousness that are here to bring Light and Love to the Earth at this time, and to help activate the sacred light codes of the Christ-Magdalene lineage, to help awaken Christ Consciousness on Earth, and nurture the Sacred Marriage of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.


Deborah El'elia can be reached at: moonsoul9@aol.com or 207-653-7823.


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